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Faith Made Simple Podcast

What is Faith? How do I use Faith? I don't have Faith. This podcast on Faith is for you.

I am your host, Pastor Elisha Lawson of Jesus World Outreach Center in Heidelberg, Germany. Join in as I teach you how to apply Faith in every area of your life in a simplistic way.

Tune in every Monday for a 15 minute episode of Faith Made Simple. The podcast is in English and German.

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Latest Episode
Glaube und Geduld (Teil 2) / Faith and Patience (Part 2)

Geduld kommt durch den Glauben. Pastor Elisha Lawson gewährt in dieser Fortsetzung der Serie einen tieferen Einblick dazu, wie man den Glauben anwendet, um Geduld  zu entwickeln. Wenn du ein Problem mit Geduld hast und diese entwickeln möchtest, ist diese Folge genau das Richtige für dich.



Patience is through faith. Pastor Elisha Lawson gives more insight in using faith to develop patience in the continuation of Faith and Patience. If you have a problem with patience and want to develop it, this show is for you.


On this podcast Pastor Elisha Lawson teaches Simple, yet powerful truths about Faith. When Faith is made Simple you will be able to Believe it. Remember, "the just shall live by Faith." How can you live by something you do not understand? As you listen to each episode, Faith which is the Word of God, will always give you the victory when you believe it. (1 John 5:4) God gives light and understanding to the simple. (Psalms 119:130)

Meet Pastor Lawson
I teach the Word of God with simplicity and how-to for you to gain understanding.

Pastor Elisha Lawson is the Senior Pastor and founder of Jesus World Outreach Ministries with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. He travels all over the world to preach the gospel with signs following and in addition, reaches out to millions of listeners via his radio and TV broadcasts in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States.


Pastor Lawson's motto comes from Hebrew 11:3, "Through Faith We Understand . . . . "

Interested in contacting Pastor Lawson? Email faithmadesimple@jwoc.de.

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